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But what would it take to not even be able to get a bail bond in the first place? Well, to put it simply, you’d have to find yourself in a situation similar to the characters that are the subject of today’s blog. Fortunately for everyone involved, their stories are just that–stories. So without further ado, let’s take a look at three fictional characters who won’t be getting bail bonds any time soon!

George Bluth

The head of an entire family of less-than-ethical characters, George Bluth of Arrested Development has admitted to everything from having committed “some light treason” to believing that a husband and wife can’t be charged for the same crime. Perhaps worst of all, George Bluth is a known flight risk, having tried (and succeeded) a number of times to escape and have his twin brother Oscar locked up in his place instead. If there’s one person that a judge won’t grant bail to, it’s George Bluth.

Danny Ocean

By the end of Steven Soderbergh’s trilogy of Ocean’s movies, Danny Ocean will probably have enough money that he won’t be tempted to steal again. If he did, however, there’s very little chance a judge would ever grant him bail. A known thief, Ocean also keeps close company with everything from money launderers to pickpockets. That means that a judge isn’t likely to take a look at his situation and feel that he’s an upstanding citizen who is worthy of trust. Add in the fact that he broke his parole in Ocean’s 11, and there’s almost no chance that Daniel Ocean would be released on bail.

Neal Caffrey

In the television show White Collar, Neal Caffrey is known to be a con artist who is capable of incredible feats of thievery and art forgery, among many other things. Once he begins his work as a criminal informant for FBI Agent Peter Burke, Caffrey begins to do a bit of work unbeknownst to the FBI. Of course trusting a con man is hard business to begin with, but if Caffrey had ever been arrested–particularly after agreeing to certain terms during his release–he wouldn’t be likely to be eligible for bail.

What Does Your Situation Look Like?

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