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Having said that, today’s blog aims to answer a frequently asked question that we get around these parts. That question, of course, is why a judge might deny a person bail. There are a number of different reasons why this could happen, so keep reading to get our list of reasons why a judge might prefer to keep a person in jail.

The Judge Could Deny Bail If…

They Disrespect the Court

If a person who has been arrested can’t show the judge any amount of respect or courtesy, chances are that that judge won’t look particularly favorably on that person when the time comes to grant bail. In some instances, the officer who arrested the person in question might also speak with the judge to let him or her know what was said during the arrest–that’s the part where the right to remain silent comes in. If a person incriminates him or herself or says that they plan to run, they are not likely to make bail.

The Person in Question is Deemed Too Dangerous

Although not incredibly common, a person might be charged bail if they are considered too dangerous to release back into the general public. Of course this isn’t like a trial where a jury discusses whether that person is guilty or not, but instead, it’s up to the judge to decide if the arrested poses a threat to others or to him or herself. Depending on how severe the crime is, the person can sometimes also be considered a larger flight risk. Speaking of which…

They Might Run

Perhaps the most common reason for denying bail is if a person poses a flight risk. What that means is that the judge for whatever reason decides that there’s a significant chance that that person could try to run away from the situation. In some cases it’s because they have skipped bail before and other times it’s because they were already on parole or probation. It could also be that the arresting officer heard the person say that they were planning to make a run for it. Either way, if the judge suspects that person might run, chances are they won’t be making bail.

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